The Boudoir Experience With Bri | Minot, North Dakota Boudoir Photographer

Hey all! It’s Tori from Studio 7117. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read this blog post. <3 Although Studio 7117’s main focus is business branding, my creative outlet has been boudoir photography as of recent. It has really changed my life to serve these women. As a woman myself, I am overcoming my insecurities and trying to get rid of the misconceptions I thought to be true from when I was younger. Being in a place where I am happy, healthy, and loved is all I can every ask for. It is truly beautiful for me to help other women see what they are missing, which is to see their true beauty and inner self, love.

I’m going to let Bri tell you about her experiencing doing boudoir with Studio 7117. Read below to see what she said!

Studio 7117 | Moody Boudoir
Studio 7117 | Lifestyle Boudoir

“I decided to reach out of my comfort zone and try a new experience! I have always admired boudoir photos and how elegant each woman looked. This did however create some uncertainty and anxiety because I never thought I could look or feel as elegant.

I was worried that I would look awkward in these photos since I was unsure how to pose or look at the camera, but Tori was amazing at guiding me through each outfit change and each pose change! It wasn't long before I was actually having fun in front of the camera. Don't forget to point your toes ladies!

Afterwards, I felt a sense of accomplishment for finally getting out of my comfort zone and rocking it! I also really enjoyed getting a chance to meet the artist behind the camera, as Tori and I chatted for about a half hour after the shoot which made the experience even more personal.

I feel like every emotion was coursing through me during the reveal; excitement, awe, happiness, I had goosebumps the entire time. I purchased the standard album and maybe within the future I will purchase some additional products for some of my favorite photos.

There really isn't a thing I would change from this experience! I loved every second of it and I would highly recommend that women book a shoot with Tori!”

Tori here again! I’m so thankful that this woman booked a boudoir session with me! She is seriously a beautiful soul and I have enjoyed getting to know her. If you are curious about the boudoir experience with Studio 7117. Hit me up! It is an experience to remember.