Hey,it’s us!

Dev & Tori

Devyn + Victoria = 7117 👪 We are a husband and wife duo working as a TEAM! 7/1/17 is the day we got married. It’s so, so special to us, that we incorporated it into the name of our branding production studio. We work with conscious businesses to help them be more intentional with their brand! If you want to work with a fun couple, have deep conversations, and get creative content, we got you!

We’re a team.

It’s Devyn. I’m a music maker and husband/father. I love creativity and all forms of art. My passion is music and a new passion for visual art. Studio 7117 is where we’re combining those together to create something great and original.

Hi, it’s Tori; wifey, mommy, and designer. I seriously love life and learning new things. But, I started my design journey when Xanga blogging was a thing. I did my own html coding and had all the cool layouts. Best believe that my Myspace was on point, too! It is important to me that I do what I love forever, because I want to guide our son, Apollo, to follow his passion with purpose. I’m hyped to work with my soulmate on this creative journey and can’t wait to see where it leads us. It has been a true blessing to intertwine my love for art and design into my daily life by connecting with conscious business owners.