Studio 7117: Our Branding Design Process

Brand Design

At Studio 7117, we use a conscious design process in creating an intentional brand that conveys your message and purpose in a way that deeply resonates with your clients.



You have a vision for your dream business. We know what it takes to create a meaningful brand that is intentional and profitable at the same time. 

We’ll go over every detail during a ‘brand-storm’ that we do over coffee, via phone, or anywhere you would like to meet. We use this time to sit down with you and listen to your story, the purpose of your site and the future of your business.

This process is important in helping us plan out a roadmap for a site that will be able to grow and evolve with your business. 

We combine this information together with our knowledge of setting up brands to come up with a tailor-made plan for your website design and branding.


Once the plan is in place and we have enough information about your business we start the fun part – the design process! 

Studio 7117’s designs are carefully curated to make sure that your message is given with clarity and purpose. We offer a one-concept approach and create an in-depth presentation, going over why we believe this design will serve your business the best. 

We leave no stone unturned: we delve deep into every aspect of your design including logos, submarks, color palette and other unique branding elements.

Every element of your design is planned and approved by you before we get to the implementation. We offer up to two major revisions once we have presented the designs to you. 

After the branding and website designs are finalized we then begin filming and photography to populate your website with high-quality content. 

Studio 7117’s mission is to create a beautiful, intentional brand. We treat our filmography and photography as a real-life production set; multiple cameras, lights, shot list, director, production assistants, and photographers and videographers are involved to get the perfect shot.


We don’t just deliver you a completed product. Prior to your website’s launch we sit down with you and organise a launch strategy to target potential consumers to your site. This might include exploring your advertising avenues, competitor research, guerilla marketing tactics and focusing on outreach to potential buyers.

Prior to the official launch all files will be delivered securely to you.

Then all that is left is to celebrate your launch!

Much love,

Devyn + Victoria

Hubby & Wife Team

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